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BV Trails

Whipple Trails:

North - Best for hiking & running, North Trail begins with a steep rock “stair” section before becoming a gradual, rolling climb to CR 304. The lower “stairs” can be bypassed by beginning up Whipple Trail & turning onto North Trail for a more gradual, smoother climb; however another short, rocky “stair” section will be reached before topping out on CR 304.


Whipple - The original “Hack Road” which transported Midland RR passengers & freight to BV, this gradual-rising trail provides all users with a great, non-technical route to CR 304.  Whipple Trail is great for all trail users in both directions. 


South - While not very technical, South Trail will test your lungs.  This smooth yet steep trail is the most common route to climb Midland Hill, & it also makes a great connector to CR 304.  It’s a fun trail in both directions for all trail users. 


Camp Elevation - A great way to connect from the Whipple Trail System to the Overlook/Midland Trail System, Camp Elevation has a little something for everybody, from smooth, rolling singletrack to some moderately technical sections.  Camp Elevation is split into a northern & a southern section by a driveway that provides easy access to CR 304.  The southern section rides slightly better from south to north, but is enjoyable for all users in both directions. 


Bridge to Bridge - Great for all users, this gently rolling trail provides a great route above the Arkansas River.  It’s a fantastic trail no matter which direction it is traveled. 


Midland Hill - Climb to the top of Buena Vista!  This trail is most commonly accessed by South Trail, but can be done from just about any Whipple Trail System trail.  Beginning above CR 304, this steep & challenging trail will reward users with a great view of Buena Vista, the Arkansas Valley, & the Collegiate Peaks mountain range.

Note: Midland Hill is not open to bicycles. 


Broken Boyfriend - Split into two sections (North & South) with a bail-out point in the middle, this intermediate to difficult trail is fun for all users.  While it is best ridden from south to north, it is enjoyable in both directions for all users. 


Overland/Midland Trails:

Fistful of Dollars - Often ridden or hiked in combination with Django, this easy-to-moderate trail provides a fun, twisty descent or climb for all trail users. 


A Few Dollars More - More challenging than Fistful, this trail features larger & more frequent rock obstacles, making for a challenging, technical descent or difficult climb for mountain bikers & hikers/runners alike. 


Django - Often ridden or hiked in combination with Fistful of Dollars, this moderate trail includes a few more rock obstacles, making it a semi-technical descent or a difficult climb. 


Midland Trail - This out & back trail follows the historic Midland RR line & provides users with a combination of smooth singletrack with some short moderately technical sections.  


Sausage Link - It’s our first machine-built trail in BV!  Often ridden or hiked with Bacon Bits, this mildly-spicy Sausage Link is a great intermediate trail for all users. It’s fun in both directions, but it rides slightly better from north to south.


Bacon Bits - Fun in both directions (but it makes a great loop when ridden counterclockwise to Sausage Link), Bacon Bits is an intermediate trail great for all user groups.


Bacon Strip - This portion of trail provides users with a nice, moderately-challenging alternative route to get from the Midland TH parking lot to Django or Midland Trail while avoiding CR 376.  It makes a great addition to the Django - Fistful loop or as a warm-up or cool-down for your day.

Crank 'n Hammer - A fun & somewhat challenging trail that highlights some great rock formations, Crank 'n Hammer offers just enough spiciness to keep things interesting.  Combined with Camp Elevation South, it makes a great loop for running, riding, or hiking, while avoiding CR 304.


Unchained* - The most challenging trail in the Midland Overlook Trail System, Unchained features plenty of rock features for the more adventurous riders while offering additional “B-lines” for the slightly less daring.  This intermediate to difficult trail is best ridden from east to west, but is enjoyable on foot in either direction.


Four Mile Recreation Area:

Vitamin B* - This trail is not for the faint of heart.  Winding through the granite outcroppings of the Four Mile Recreation Area, Vitamin B is a difficult trail requiring technical moves over steep, rocky sections.  It is highly recommended that this trail be ridden downhill, from north to south, shuttling or riding up CR 375.  Runners or hikers can enjoy this trail in either direction, choosing either to climb up the rocky sections (south to north) or descend them (north to south). 

Davis Meadow Trail - Winding through the northern portion of the Fourmile Recreation Area, this isolated point to point trail traverses past old mining cabins & through fir, pine, & aspen forests.  


*Seasonal closure from Dec. 1st  to April 15th.

Bridge to Bridge – Arkansas River Trail (all users; either direction)

  • Easily accessible from town, this ~1 mile loop offers fun for all users!


North – Broken Boyfriend – Camp Elevation – Bridge to Bridge (trail running or hiking; clockwise)

  • At just under 6 miles, this loop provides a great, somewhat longer, easily-accessed-from-town route.


Django – Fistful of Dollars (all users; clockwise)

  • ~3 miles in length, this loop provides a semi-difficult descent down Django with a somewhat milder climb back to the Midland TH parking lot.  Fun to be had on bike or foot!


Midland – Bacon Bits – Sausage Link (all users; counterclockwise) 

  • Fun in either direction, this ~6 mile loop provides fun & rolling terrain for all users.


Midland Hill (hiking or trail running)

  • Starting at North Bridge & heading up South Whipple this ~5 mile (round trip) hike gains 1,600 ft. in elevation & provides fantastic views of the Collegiate Peaks, BV, & the Ark Valley.

Vitamin B (mountain biking, north to south)

  • Looking for a fun, technical challenge?  If so, this trail's for you!  Shuttle or ride up CR 375 & enjoy the challenging, rocky descent back to the parking area at the entrance to the Fourmile Recreation Area.​​

Recommended Routes

Have you spotted a trail maintenance issue? Maybe a broken or missing sign, washed-out section of trail, or overgrown brush? Let us know & we'll take care of it!  Thank you for your help!

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