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Sponsorship Programs

BVSC operates solely from donations from trail users and businesses who value great trails and their public benefits. We are a nonprofit organization committed to building, maintaining, & stewarding trails in the Buena Vista area.  We believe that trails help maintain a high quality of life for residents and visitors while helping to support local businesses.  Sponsors are vital to growing and maintaining our local trails and we need your help!  

Your donation helps BVSC build and maintain sustainable trails, but there is more to it than that!  We work to increase environmental awareness through outdoor education in collaboration with the schools and the Buena Vista library.  This includes stewardship, conservation and increasing access to climbing, fishing, and hunting while protecting wildlife habitats, historical sites, and agricultural lands. 

BVSC 1% for Trails

Businesses add 1% to customer purchases and remit to BVSC.(Customers can opt out if they want).  BVSC provides the businesses with point-of- sale information to educate their customers about BVSC’s mission. The majority of our donations come through this program. For more information, or to participate in this program, please Email our executive director. 


Tiered Sponsorship

One time donations or donations in kind go a long way to helping BVSC meet its mission. These donations may be made annually, or in payments (monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually) - whatever works best for your business! 

To make a donation click on the donate button, or mail a check. To donate goods or services, please Email us.


Did you know it takes $15,000-$30,000 to build a mile of trail?

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Donate your time

Volunteer with us! email us.


Donate with PayPal or a credit card

Mail a Check

Make checks out to “BVSC” and mail to

PO Box 1797, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

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