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Sponsorship Programs

BVSC is funded solely through donations from businesses & individuals, with our sponsors playing an integral role in allowing us to achieve our mission of creating, building, & maintaining multi-use trails in the Buena Vista area.  Financial sponsorship also allows us to promote trail stewardship & responsible recreation, while protecting wildlife & our public lands through educational programs & volunteer opportunities.

Your donation helps BVSC build and maintain sustainable trails, but there is more to it than that!  We work to increase environmental awareness through outdoor education in collaboration with the schools and the Buena Vista library.  This includes stewardship, conservation and increasing access to climbing, fishing, and hunting while protecting wildlife habitats, historical sites, and agricultural lands. 

Did you know it takes $15,000-$30,000 to build a mile of trail?


Financial Sponsorship

We have a variety of financial sponsorship opportunities available, with the hope of meeting every business's needs & expectations.  We truly value our local business partners, so please reach out with any ideas you may have of how we can work together to build our community!

1% Partners

1% partners add a 1% tax to customer purchases and remit to BVSC.  (Customers can opt out if they want).  BVSC provides the businesses with point-of- sale information to educate their customers about BVSC’s mission. The majority of our donations come through this program, with no cost the the business! 

Round Up

Customers are given the option of rounding up their total purchase amount to the next dollar at checkout.  The proceeds raised through these purchases are then donated to BVSC, allowing businesses to support our mission by gathering donations from their customers, at no cost to the business!

We're working on it!

It's not supported by all POS systems, so we're doing more research.


Traditional financial sponsors make donation payments monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually (whatever works best for your business!).  These donations go a long way in helping BVSC achieve our mission.  Whether it's hosting social events or planning and building trails, we couldn't do it without our sponsor businesses!


A combination of traditional and in-kind sponsorship.  By splitting your sponsorship between money and merchandise, you'll be able to provide BVSC with key financial funding, as well as great giveaway items that help make our events special, all while promoting your business!

In-Kind Sponsorship

In-kind sponsorship supports BVSC by providing items to give away at our events.  These goodies will be used as raffle prizes, auction items, & awards for events.  Food donations are great as well - we want to keep our volunteers well-fed!

In-kind sponsorship is a great way to support BVSC while showcasing your business!

Ideas for In-Kind Donations:

Food for volunteer work days.

Gift cards.

Branded merchandise such as shirts or hats.

Merchandise from your business.

Artwork & crafts.

Anything to promote your business!


Hybrid Sponsorship

Hybrid sponsors support BVSC both financially & in-kind.  By splitting your donation between funding & merchandise, gift cards, &/or food, you will be playing a major role in helping us achieve our mission & build our community.  From helping fund the planning & building of trails, to hosting fun & exciting community events, hybrid sponsors provide BVSC with everything we need to promote not only our trails, but our community as well!

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Sponsorship Tiers


  • Business logo will be displayed & hyperlinked on the Partners page of our website.

  • Business name displayed on signage at BVSC events.


  • Business logo printed on the back of all event t-shirts.

  • Business logo displayed on signage at events.

  • "BVSC Trail Supporter" vinyl widow sticker to display.

$1,000+ & 1%

  • Business logo printed on all promotional materials.

  • Logo displayed in our monthly newsletter.

  • Business highlighted in the "Sponsor Shoutout" section of our newsletter.

  • Aluminum trail map display sign. 

Without the support of our business and community partners, BVSC would not be able to build and maintain our mountain biking, hiking, running, and horseback riding trails in and around Buena Vista. 

Thank you for your support!

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Donate your time

Volunteer with us! email us.


Donate with PayPal or a credit card

Mail a Check

Make checks out to “BVSC” and mail to

PO Box 1797, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211

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