Electric/Pedal-Assist Bikes

Electric/Pedal-Assist Bicycles

BVSC's trails on federal land are managed by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Both agencies regulate all classes of e-bikes, including pedal-assist, as motorized vehicles. Therefore, by default e-bikes are not allowed on BV trails. This law also excludes the use of one-wheels, electric scooters, and any other device with a motor.

In April 2022, the USFS updated its guidance around e-bikes. Now, local land managers can permit e-bikes on non-motorized trails on a case-by-case basis, following a lengthy scoping process that includes public comment. The BLM has had a similar directive since late 2019.

BVSC has discussed this issue with the USFS Salida Ranger District and the BLM Royal Gorge Field Office, who would need to initiate the process of allowing e-bikes on our trails. We are also engaged with our land managers, and many other stakeholders, in talks about a master/strategic trails plan that will, among other things, discuss e-bikes.

Riders of motorized vehicles may recreate on any moto-legal trail and/or road in our area, including the Fourmile Recreation Area and any road connector open to motorized traffic. If you would like more information about moto-legal routes and trails, contact the Friends of Fourmile.

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