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Adopt A Trail Program

How it Works

Keep doing what you're already doing - enjoying our trails!  While you're out enjoying the trails, keep an eye out for areas in need of maintenance.  Complete the Trail Monitoring Form at least once a month to help us identify trail work projects.  

Who can participate?

Anyone!  Individuals, groups, & families are all welcome to participate.  Multiple people/groups can adopt the same trail, & more than one trail can be adopted.  

What issues should be reported?  

We're looking for major trail issues, so no need to report on conditions such as mud or snow.  Downed trees, overgrown brush, & erosion issues are common issues we see & would like to be informed of. 

When should Monitoring Forms be submitted?

Please submit Forms at least once a month.  If you see an issue that requires immediate attention (e.g. a downed tree or anything obstructing a trail), please report ASAP.  We'll send reminders to submit your Forms at the end of each month.

Why does this program exist?

This program helps us identify areas in need of work, & while we love being out on the trails, the more eyes the better!  The majority of our trails lie on BLM land - your public lands.  By becoming a trail adopter, you are providing a valuable service to help us maintain & steward these lands.  


BVSC - Town of BV Patnership

We're proud to be partnering with the Town of BV to host this program.  Town trails include all trails in the town of BV, as well as popular trails east of the Arkansas River.  BVSC trails include our public lands trails, from North Trail to McGee Gulch.  

BV Trails 2023.png
BV Townside Trails 2023.png

Includes our public lands trails (i.e. trails on the east side of the Arkansas River).

Includes all trails within the town of BV, as well as highly-used public lands trails.

Public Lands Trails
  • Bridge to Bridge*

  • Steep Shortcut

  • North Trail*

  • Whipple Trail*

  • South Trail*

  • North Broken Boyfriend

  • South Broken Boyfriend 

  • Midland Hill Trail

  • CR304 from North Trail to South Trail*

  • Camp Elevation North

  • Camp Elevation South

  • Crank 'n Hammer

  • Few Dollars More

  • Fistful of Dollars

  • Django

  • Bacon Strip

  • Sausage Link

  • Bacon Bits

  • Midland Trail from Midland TH to Bacon Bits

  • Midland Trail from Bacon Bits to McGee Gulch

In-Town Trails
  • Rodeo Road Bike Lane

  • Airport Trail

  • Peaks View Trail

  • Cottonwood Creek Trail

  • Arkansas River Trail

  • Zebulon Pike Trail

  • Railroad Trail

  • Whitewater Trail

  • Walton Loop

  • Rock n Roll Trail

  • Bridge to Bridge Trail*

  • North Trail*

  • South Trail*

  • Whipple Trail*

  • CR304 from North Trail to South Trail*

*Trail is monitored by both the Town of BV & BVSC due to proximity to town & high usage.  

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